3D Modelling

3D modelling is a wonderful tool for exploring and visualising design possibilities, the ability to manipulate full scale 3D models with moving parts provides the foundations to fully develop and solidify your concepts.


Beyond the conceptual stage, the same 3D model can be used to test physical properties, create photo realistic images, 3D printed models and technical drawings for manufacture.

Services include:

- 3D Assembly Models
- Exploded Views

- Photorealistic Visualisation

- Product Animation
- Weight / Volume Estimation
- Feasibility / Optimisation Analysis
- Stress Analysis

Oakley - Optix Opticians


With the launch of Oakley’s Prizm goggle range we were tasked with producing a new window display for an opticians in Broadgate whilst working for We Are Vision.

A 3D model of the new design was created using measurements on file, graphics supplied by Oakley were applied and an LED lit pedestal added.


Once the design had been approved by Oakley and the opticians, the pedestal design was developed and produced in house along with the backdrop and fitted to the store.

Tom Ford - Maverick & Wolf Opticians


This installation was carried out for Tom Ford, while working for We Are Vision, to modify an existing display cabinet for Maverick & Wolf opticians. To begin the process a site visit was conducted to assess the area, collect photographs and note all the relevant measurements for the project.


The next step was to create an accurate 3D model of the area, from this, 2D technical drawings were produced. These 2D drawings were then sent between Tom Ford's design department, Maverick & Wolf and We Are Vision who were responsible for the manufacture and installation of the modifications.

Essilor - Be A Modern Hero

This project was carried out with We Are Vision for Essilor, who had a range of window artwork and displays they were offering to opticians to coincide with their “Be a modern hero” TV campaign.

Thanks to 3D modelling Essilor could send out options with realistic visuals in the time frame required, without the need to physically create and photograph each variation. This enabled Vision to establish a custom production run for opticians nationwide.

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